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Star SuperHerozGalaxy2
Here all superhero movie&toon lover discuss about their fav character an wat they love about it like superman,batman,ben10,incredibles and lot more

Group Founder: nej1
Description: Here all fans of superhero's movies and toonz discuss about their fav characters like flash,wonderwoman,justice league,hawk girl,captain america,the incredible hulk, green lantern,X men,thor,marvel comics,dc comic and lots more thru topic and vote thru polls+lots of requested files 2 download. Why not CHECK IT OUT by joining
Group Type: Public join
Members: 162
Category: Fun > General

Topics (48)

go Loki's transformations: Dark World (0) minmei
Hi. I'm looking for this clip? Anyone? :/ please.gif

go If u were a hero (2) baur21
If u were to be a superhero what kind of ability wud u wish to have?

go Fav weapon (10) nej1
Alot of superhero use weapon's n most of them ar cul.we wil discus which weapon we like d most,hw cul d weapons ar an so on

go Fav vallians (15) nej1
Wats ur fav vallians power n who is he? Come n tel us we would luv 2 discus about him/her

go what's new!!! (34) nej1
here announcements ar goin to b made on the things enterin into d is a topic to knw al dats new in d grup

go Fastest super hero (7) oyaski
Who is the fastest super hero among all the super hero?

go Fantastic 4 (13) nej1
I want us 2 use this topic 2 discus about them and ask questions

go Finnest superhero (19) bash009
Lets us talk about d most handsome n most beautiful superhero.

go Battle between our group,n jus (11) imzu
Hey guys! Lets discuss about d battle between our group,n justice league america!! It wil be vry intreptin,n funny share ur imagination of dis topic wit us by rplyin! So enjoy...

go Welcome (21) nej1
Guys u can introduce urself tellin us ur fav super hero movie+too n

go Missing heros game! (3) imzu
Hi there! 1st u mst find d missing letter in d name of d hero! Fr eg; B_T__N d answer is batman...lik dis u continue ur new wrds..n answer d previous 1!My wrd is: _LA_Hanswer?

go Extraodinary (1) baur21
All i ever wanted was to hv an ability,nw i hv one.i can FLY.

go versus game (31) nej1
this is a new game....2 different superheroes are matched by someone n d next person says the stronger one and post the names of 2 other disbatman vs superman.......and the next p...

go True or false: (4) imzu
Hi there! Its vry simple game...i wil giv u 1 question,u mst ans tht by usein true or false! U cn giv ur own question,n u cn answer others too! My question is: ben is a good boy= ? TorF?

go Ben10 (3) imzu
Hw did ben10 became so famous in such days?


Photos (47)

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Files (35)

1 A nokia nth theme-batman comic
2 A nokia nth theme-batman comic
3 A nokia nth theme-batman comic
4 A nokia nth theme-batman comic
5 A nokia nth theme-batman comic
6 A nokia nth theme-incredibles
7 A nokia nth theme-sky high
8 A nokia nth theme-justice league
9 A nokia nth theme-justice league
10 Nokia nth theme-justice league
11 Nokia nth theme-justice league
12 Nokia nth theme-justice league
13 Nokia nth theme-justice league
14 Nokia nth theme-justice league
15 Spiderman


Polls (20)

go If nej1 decided 2 change d name of d group! Den...wt mst it be?
go If thrs a war between ben & pokemon! Who wil win?
go Which is ur fav vallian in spiderman
go Which is ur fav superhero-the incredibles
go Which of this superhero teams do u prefer
go Which is ur fav ben10 alien-part 1
go Which is ur fav member of the justice league america
go Which is ur fav superhero toon
go Which is ur fav superhero movie
go Which is ur best comic producer
go Who do u prefer in superhero movies_toons
go Which is usualy ur fav ranger
go Which is ur fav power ranger movie series
go Which is the strongest female superhero in a fair fight
go Which is ur fav vallian